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A Taste Test of Chocolate Bars Made From Scratch

In a blind tasting of 14 bean-to-bar chocolates made in the United States, these were the most impressive based on a New York Times article. What… no Patric, Taza, Boho Chocolate, Patomac, Madecasse, Raaka … Warning: The list was arbitrarily

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Fun fact for Valentine’s Day

Each Valentine’s Day in the city of Verona Italy, where Shakespeare’s two lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, the town receives letters addressed to Juliet.

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Flavonoid-rich dark chocolate intake.

Flavonoid-rich dark chocolate intake significantly improved coronary circulation in healthy adults, independent of changes in oxidative stress parameters, blood pressure and lipid profile, whereas non-flavonoid white chocolate had no such effects.

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Could white chocolate compounds also benefit heart health?

The potential heart health benefits of dark chocolate may be only partly linked to the flavanol content, with white chocolate – devoid of such compounds – also offering potential cardiovascular benefits, says a new study. For the full research

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Chocolate and Brain Function

  Chocolate can improve brain functioning and mood, according to scientific review assessing over 100 previous studies linking chocolate to health benefits. A review of more than 100 previous studies confirms that chocolate can improve mood and brain function. “Cocoa

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